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Dental Implants for Missing Teeth


Dental Implants for Terminal Dentition

What are the benefits of implants?
Implants come the closest out of all prosthetics to the stability and feel of natural teeth. Return to the freedom of being able to eat whatever you want, not just what you can manage with conventional dentures. Smile with confidence every time with beautiful, implant supported prosthetics.
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17 12 Who is Eligible for Implant Dentistry?
Modern techniques have made it possible for nearly anyone who is missing teeth to qualify as a candidate for implant. Even for patients with severe bone loss, predictable techniques are now available to accomplish bone regeneration prior to implant placement.
How much does an implants treatment cost?
Since the individual needs of each patient are different, it is necessary to come up with a treatment plan before the actual cost of treatment can be determined. Typically for our implants patients, the benefits of the dental implants have far outweighed the investment.
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13 14 Choosing the Right Dentist for implants
Some dentists only restore implants while other specialists do the surgical placement of implants. In our experience, successful implant treatment requires a doctor who can plan the restoration or prosthesis and precisely place the implants accordingly. With multiple doctors involved, the final restorative goal can get lost in translation between phases of treatment.
Here at Deland Implant Dentistry, we are qualified and experienced at performing every stage of your implant treatment, including any bone grafting or soft tissue surgeries. You can count on one doctor throughout the entire treatment from the initial exam and treatment planning to your final restorations and new smile.

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