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Ralph Phillips:

Dr. Patel went through the whole reconstructive treatment planning with me. He explained how everything would work. I trusted him, so I decided to do it. And I’m very happy that I did. I have my teeth back, all of them. And they don’t come out. They sleep with me at night.”

“I think he’s a great guy. He came in on a Saturday one time to take care of me. And any time I’ve had serious work done, like when I was getting the implants, he called me at home to check on me. I truly believe he really gets a lot of satisfaction out of helping people. And he’s just a great person. I really enjoy having him as my dentist.”
“As quoted in Florida Health Care News”.

George Odom:
“When I came to Florida from Indiana, my teeth were good because I had a dental plan that paid for everything through my steelworkers’ union. I went to a few dentists down here and they did a lot of work and really ruined my teeth.”

“I was looking for someone like Dr. Patel, I liked him because he told me everything and let me make the decision about what I wanted to do. Right away, I knew what I was getting into. That’s why I liked Dr. Patel, I trusted him.”

“The doctor did four implants and now they’re solid, Very solid, with no pain. And with implants, nothing cold affects them. I can eat ice cream. The entire process went off without any discomfort. It was a serious operation, you know. They put me in a chair and put me to sleep – or at least knocked me out – but not completely. He made the procedure very painless.”

“He’s very clean and very professional in what he does. He’s a very good dentist, I would say. He did a lot to save my teeth. He told me everything up front and he gave me a choice. That’s why I went to him. Dr. Patel is very honest with everything he does.”
“As quoted in Florida Health Care News”.

Susan Scovell:
“Dr. Patel did my mother’s mouth, and it looked beautiful. I decided to go see him to get everything uniform, to get new veneers and get rid of all the metal. I wanted a perfect smile again.”

“He is just so friendly and sincere and honest. He is a solo provider, so you get right in to see him, and he is not running about seeing different patients. When you are there, you’re it. You are the patient.”

“He doesn’t promise miracles, but he does come up with a comprehensive plan that shows all of your problems, how many visits you should expect, what the visits are for, and what it is going to cost. There are no surprises.”

“I have a very small oral cavity, and it’s hard for me to open my mouth very far. Recognizing that, Dr. Patel was very, very gentle. He didn’t yank on my mouth, he used small-sized trays to make impressions, and he tried his very best to keep it from being painful. Other dentists have been rough with me because I have such a small mouth and they get frustrated. I think they couldn’t get my mouth open wide enough to do what they wanted to do. But Dr. Patel was very patient and very, very concerned with my comfort.”

“I did not have to go all over town. He didn’t have to refer me out to see an oral surgeon or an endodontist. Dr. Patel does it all right there in his office, including sedation, and he’s an expert at all of it.”

“I’m thrilled. My mouth has never looked better. It’s absolutely gorgeous. He has a real artistic eye, and he’s very careful about matching colors. I have an implant in the front, where my veneers are, and it matches the veneers exactly. He’s a perfectionist. He runs rings around any dentist I’ve ever been to. People look at my teeth and go, Wow!, because they don’t look fake. They look like really gorgeous, natural teeth.

“He just has the right idea about how to practice dentistry. If more dentists did it that way, we would all be in a lot better shape.”
“As quoted in Florida Health Care News”.

JoAnn Trask:
“I liked the idea that it is a small office. You aren’t just a number when you go there; and Dr. Patel took his time with me, one-on-one. If I had any questions, he was right there to answer them. That really impressed me. First, we went over a couple of different treatment plans to see what I could afford, and then we worked it out together to come up with a plan that was okay with us both.”

“I needed a lot of dental work done, but I didn’t want to take time away from my job. “Dr. Patel worked with my schedule and, since I had Fridays off at the time, he scheduled every one of my appointments for Friday morning so that I could have my dentistry done, have the weekend to recuperate if I needed it, and I didn’t need to miss any work.”

“Sedation dentistry is the best way to go, especially if you fear dentists like I did. And if you need a lot of dental work and you want it done in a short period of time, it’s well worth it.”

“I love my new smile. I was recently up in Buffalo, NY visiting my mother, who was in the hospital. Her roommate kept looking at me and finally said, Ma’am, I just want to tell you that you have one of the nicest smiles. You just have beautiful teeth.  It really does make you feel good.

“As quoted in Florida Health Care News”.

Ronald Swintek:
“I don’t hide my teeth anymore”

“Now I don’t try to hide my teeth anymore, and I do often find myself doing things to interact with people, like going out to dinner more.”

“Dr. Patel transformed my mouth, and it was worth all the time and effort for these results.”

“I have never met a dentist that cares as much about his patients as Dr. Patel does. He goes out of his way to do the little things that make you happier and more comfortable.”
“As quoted in Florida Health Care News”.

Lois Harris:
Feels so natural
“I have enough biting force to go ahead and eat hard foods like raw vegetables. They’re no longer a problem for me.

“The net result is I feel like I have gone back to having my own teeth.”

Overall, Lois is very pleased with everything that Dr. Patel has done for her.

“He is top-notch. I highly recommend him.”

His office staff also receives high praise.

“Everyone is very personable, very friendly. In fact, the whole office has a very warm, family approach.”
“As quoted in Florida Health Care News”.

Jon MacDonald:
“No one wants to be the one person who keeps their mouth closed in the row of teeth for photographs,” says Jon.

“Dr. Patel is extremely pleasant,” observes Jon. “He’s very friendly and thoughtful. Most of all, he’s considerate to patients. Plus, Dr. Patel definitely knows what he’s doing.”

“I just wanted teeth that looked good,” says Jon.
“As quoted in Florida Health Care News”.

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